The Shadow Course with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey

What’s your sacred mission? Are you looking for the best course to uncovering what you don’t know about yourself so you can come into alignment with your true power and purpose? Then this The Shadow Course with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey is perfect for you!

In this online course, you will journey with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey to offers a journey of self-confrontation, one that requires courage, truth-telling, and a willingness to grow. Caroline and Andrew call it “a holy adventure.” If you’re interested in The Shadow Course with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey, try this course today.

Who is your teacher?
Caroline Myss is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.
Andrew Harvey is a poet, writer, teacher, and mystic. He is a former fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, and has taught at Cornell University, Hobart College, and the California Institute of Integral Studies.

“Facing personal truths and purging yourself of addictions or manipulative habits requires strength, courage, humility, faith, and other qualities of a soul with stamina—because you are not just changing yourself. You are changing your universe.”Caroline Myss.

What you will learn The Science of Medical Intuition training program

I’m excited to announce a new course with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey:

Shadow Work – An Eight-Week Journey to Know Yourself and Bring Light to the World

The Shadow is that part of you that remains unknown, yet influences every part of your life.

However, the Shadow isn’t bad—it’s just hidden. And since it’s hidden, it runs around with no supervision, often wreaking havoc and causing suffering in your life.

When you bring your Shadow into the light, it no longer has power over you.

In Shadow Work, you’ll explore how to uncover the hidden parts of yourself and see the secret forces at play in the world. You’ll learn to:

  • Heal and transform the parts of yourself that keep causing the same negative patterns
  • Reveal your hidden archetypes and better understand their connection to the Shadow
  • Unearth new strengths, insights, and wisdom—there’s buried treasure in the Shadow too
  • See our collective shadows and break free from the systems that keep you docile and disempowered
  • Step into your sacred calling and make a difference in a world that needs you now

When you commit to Shadow Work, you become fully empowered to create a life of purpose, joy, and meaning.

Now is the time to fully know yourself and bring your light to the world.

The Shadow Course with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey

The Shadow Course with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey

What You Get from The Shadow Course with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey
Here is everything you will receive with your purchase:

    Throughout the course, you’ll receive 12 insightful audio sessions—six with Caroline and six with Andrew. Each will be available for you to download and listen to at your own convenience.
    You’ll also be able to watch two pre-recorded Q&& sessions, one with each of your guides.
    Your online materials feature written content, program summaries and highlights, reflection questions, journaling space, and more.
    Access to course materials never expires, so you can learn at your own pace and return to you favorite lessons any time.
    Discover the Forces that Shape Your Destiny by Caroline Myss
    Over 12 hours of audio trainingTHE LANGUAGE OF ARCHETYPES
    Three insightful interviews with leading spiritual teachers with Andrew Harvey

P.S. Remember, this is a no-risk purchase – if you’re not satisfied, you can receive a full refund, no questions asked. The Shadow Course with Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey is backed by Sounds True’s one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee.