The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking–we’ve all heard that thinking positively helps us to live a happier and better life, but how do you think positively when you’re having a bad day or when you’re in the midst of a challenging experience like divorce, the loss of your job, or illness?

How can I Develop Positive Thinking?

You don’t always have to be in a great mood or thinking wonderful thoughts. We are human; we have a wide spectrum of emotions that we can go through during our day–from joy, love, and peace to sadness, grief, and agony. As such, when we experience a challenge in our life, it is helpful first to go through the emotions and pain associated with it instead of covering it up. Numbing yourself or pretending something isn’t happening only perpetuates the issue.

When you’re feeling grounded, take some time to reframe your situation. For example, when I was going through a divorce, I could have easily gotten caught up in a pity party–my thoughts could have led me astray right down Negative Alley. Instead, I purposely would think of the positive outcomes I was receiving from the break-up of my relationship. Divorce was an opportunity for growth for me, to get a Master’s degree, to someday perhaps find love again (and boy, did I ever!), to start over…

Positive thinking is a wonderful way to reframe situations and experiences that have been troublesome for you. What are the gifts that life has given you through your challenges? How can you use positive thinking to make a “bad” situation better? It’s not sticking your head in the sand, or sticking your head in the clouds–it is another way of viewing parts of life that can really bring you down. You have the power to change your thoughts into ones that are more empowering for you. Use the power of positive thinking to change your life.