The Lessons of Nature

Nature gives us many lessons we can learn from. One lesson is that nature goes through cycles. Spring turns into summer; fall into winter. Nature doesn’t fight the changing seasons, instead it accepts the change as part of growth. Like the tiny acorn, we start life so tiny, and we continue to grow into our magnificent selves. Each stage of life has its own benefits and drawbacks, but each stage is beautiful just as it is.

Another of nature’s lessons is that there is great variety in the natural world. The oak trees, the elms, the maple trees, and the birch–there are so many kinds of trees, for example, and they all add beauty and variety to the natural world. People are all different from one another, yet we all share the experience of being alive. We add beauty to the world because of our differences; because of the variety of human life.

Nature, when hit with catastrophe, will come back, many times better than ever. She regenerates herself and does not think of the work ahead, she just does it. Humans have that ability as well. They are surprisingly resilient and resourceful when hit with challenging situations.

Nature has many lessons that she can teach us. We are a part of nature; part of the natural world. We go through cycles, we have a tremendous variety of life, and we are resilient when faced with a challenge. Connect with nature to remind yourself that you are part of a larger world, a world in which there is a natural order to things and beauty is found everywhere.