Stress and Depression Finding Yourself Again

It’s very challenging to live in this moment and deal with the challenges we face -these challenges often reveal themselves as stress, depression or unease. Some are carrying regrets, remorse, or attachment to the past. While others stress when they are contemplating the future. If they do so with worry they feel stress. What if you contemplate your future with anticipation? Then you would feel excitement. But neither the future and the past exist in this moment -only our mind’s attachment to the past or the future exist in this moment. Why is this important? Because with disempowering attachments to our past and future we are taking away from the consciousness and awareness of this present moment and this present moment is the only place where life truly exists.
Many people feel a sense of stress about the past or future. This stress, especially from the past, is anchored into our biological being through the reticular activation system known as RAS. The problem is this was method of protection was anchored into our biology eons ago as a method of survival. In the past, because our physical being needed to avoid physical danger, this method of protection was developed to “anchor in” experiencing high stress situations. We have a portion of our biological response is activated and then anchors this into us. This becomes a hindrance to us when we want to live in the Now! Most of the dangers we face today are not physical. We commonly experience different kinds of emotional traumas and those experiences become locked in through the RAS and hormone activity.
Each experience in our past presented us with the opportunity to learn a lesson. Not all of these lessons are pleasant. In fact, much of our insight comes from the most painful experiences that life can present. Experiences such as trauma or abuse. But these experiences don’t exist in this moment. If you are holding onto the pain you are disempowering your life. At some point there is a moment where you can choose to transform yourself.
We all carry a personal history and little parts of that history stick with us from moment to moment, day to day, and eventually from decade to decade. We decide unconsciously that this is who we are. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although we may have experienced intensely negative emotional situations we are simultaneously being presented something in these experiences that we can choose to use to empower our lives. We don’t have to do this. We have a choice not to, we have free will. But if you want to live a more powerful life doesn’t it make intuitive sense to choose the most empowering lesson and effective ways to live your life?
We give up our lives when we live in our past or in our future. It doesn’t feel that way. We live with routines and we have experiences during the day. But, that is not empowered living. That is not living in the consciousness and awareness of the Now!

The next time that you are feeling stressed about the past or future and find yourself focused on something from your past or something from your future, grab the message and leave the experience behind. When you do so, you will create and live the most powerfully empowered life that you can dream of.