Change Your Life Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs

How do you change your life? How do you move from what you experience now to what exists simultaneously right in this moment? That’s a question that people ask us every day. The answer is simple but the action is complex. You create a powerful life by eliminating or transforming your limiting beliefs and replacing them with powerful and empowering beliefs. It’s not complex because it’s hard to do (when we are finally ready, it’s easy to change) it’s complex because we are attached to these old beliefs as facts. They have become emotional anchors.

Getting ready is the hard part. We often only change for one of two reasons- inspiration or desperation. That’s when the inertia, the inability to move forward is finally overcome. Let’s not wait until you get to that point.

The most important thing to remember is that you can only see what you are open to seeing. If your beliefs do not allow you to see abundance, you will not see abundance. The same is true for every belief that we have. Uncovering beliefs that we consider internal “facts” is one of the most important aspects on our journey towards consciousness and awareness.

What “facts” are holding you back from your dreams? What do you consider ultimate truths? How willing are you to throw away ineffective beliefs about you and your health, finances, relationships or any other part of your life that you want to change? Are you ready to embrace a more empowering paradigm? This type of quantum shift may be a lifetime in the making and ready for you right now!

If you are willing to make a shift towards what you want, it can happen for you! Start today! Think about what holds you back? Do you have a friend who is ready for change, show them this post it may just be enough to start the process!