This website is devoted to helping you live a fantastic life—a life that has more love, better health, and abundance on all levels. Living that life is something you can do, starting right now!

You won’t find a bunch of short-term motivation junk here, and you won’t find shortcuts that don’t work and lead to the inevitable self-sabotaging behaviors. True success can only be achieved with the complete integration of the body, mind, and spirit. We have spent our lives developing, researching, and refining a process that will allow you to have better relationships, more abundance and wealth, and a greater sense of contentment and power in your life.

Ask yourself if you are experiencing conflict in your relationships, financial stress, or poor health? If you are, the answers to why are revealed within. Do you find yourself experiencing negative and repetitive patterns in your life? Those are life lessons that are presenting powerful information for you-if you know how to receive them.

Personal development involves growth in all areas of your life. Doesn’t this make intuitive sense? Being physically healthy but emotionally (or spiritually) ill will not lead to a vibrant life or true success. Do you think that abundance in the financial sense can make up for the spiritual lack or physical ill-health? It doesn’t.

Personal Development-Change Your Life Today

But, you can be healthier, you can achieve success as you define it, and you can develop a life experience that excites you including:

  • Your health
  • Your money and your finances
  • Your career
  • Your relationships
  • Your spirituality
  • Your knowledge and wisdom

You aren’t on this planet to experience a constant struggle. If this is your predominant experience of life you are missing a message that is being presented. You aren’t here to suffer either. You exist in this world to become the very best you can be by growing in consciousness and awareness. You are here to share. to be happy, to be successful, healthy, empowered, loving, and loved, to express yourself and your creativity, and to contribute in a positive manner. Take the trauma, the suffering, the struggles—all of those challenging situations—and use these as opportunities for your personal growth.

I’m Autumn.H. I’m an active student at SoundsTrue who has taken a lot of online training courses there. I become addicted to that site and it’s my favorite learning portal. Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. is the resource I am creating on the journey of inspiring and life-changing.
I sometimes write reviews on the courses that I have learned and considered it will be useful for other students as well. If you’re new to SoundsTrue and Shambhala, you can read my articles, I hope you find it useful

Apart from SoundsTrue, I also used other online course sites like Master Class, Coursera, Udemy, etc. So there will be reviews about those websites too.