5 Awesome Public Speaking Exercises

Practice makes perfect, right? To feel totally comfortable and in control when you’re up on stage, it’s important to flex those public speaking muscles and make that charisma shine. How to develop your public speaking skills? Here are 5 Awesome Public Speaking Exercises to help you think on feet.

1. My Friend’s Fairy Tale

Get up in front of a group of friends and introduce someone to the crowd. But instead of introducing them normally, make up a fictional life for them. This is a great way to practice being spontaneously creative, even when the pressure is on. Have fun with this and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

2. Absurd Image Game

Take a silly or strange image and talk about it. You can create a fictional backstory or describe why the image is important. Basically you want to practice thinking on your feet and coming up with engaging dialogue on the spot. Flex that persuasive energy and push yourself to convince your audience you are passionate about this image.

3. A Continuous Tale

This works best with a group of people. Pick one person to dive into their imagination and start a story. After they speak for anywhere between 20 seconds to a minute, have the person to the left continue the story. The goal is to create a story makes sense. Be creative and listen closely so you can continue the story in a cohesive way.

4. What’s In My Wallet?

You can use your wallet or the person’s beside you. Take out an item and immediately starting talking about it. Elaborate on why this object is meaningful and be sure to flex that spontaneous sense of humor.

5. Alternate Ending

Take a well-know book or film and talk about an alternate ending. Don’t think ahead, just start talking and see how well you can navigate your description. How does the story change? Why didn’t your ending make the final cut? How does this change the characters?